Facebook launches CompoundHouse to allow Ghanaian users to trade insults

Facebook Inc has launched CompoundHouse to allow users in Ghana to shamelessly exchange insults and abuse. The new feature will appear as a “boxing glove” icon at the bottom of the Facebook app and will allow users to publicly slander each other and embarrass themselves. Facebook CompoundHouse takes its name from a popular Ghanaian shared…


Martin Amidu aka ‘Killer Nkuto’ go feature for next Black Panther movie inside

Chale! We hear say the next Black Panther movie go feature Ghana’s number one anti-corruption commando ‘Killer Nkuto’. The movie makers say Killer Nkuto in character go fit dema new storyline like the skinny jeans you buy from Kantamanto. For the movie inside, T’Challa send Killer Nkuto say make he go deal plus the corrupt…


Hand of God healed me, insists man who travelled 5000km for medical care

A man who recently travelled over 5000km and paid thousands of pounds to access life-saving medical treatment has insisted that his healing was down to divine providence. Speaking on Sunday, Vice President Guys Bawumia said his decision to go on “medical leave” abroad had nothing to do with a lack of confidence in the Ghanaian…


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