Dubai residents demand apology for Circle interchange comparison

Residents of Dubai are reportedly demanding an immediate apology from the government of Ghana, after officials claimed Accra has been “transformed into Dubai”, following the inauguration of a Brazilian government funded interchange in the heart of the capital city. An official statement said the residents of Dubai have taken offense to the unfavourably comparison, describing…


Akufo Addo creates new Ministry for Strategic Dev’t of Jobs For The Boys

The new government led by Nana Akufo Addo will have a new ministry to oversee the creation of more jobs for friends and other party functionaries. The new Ministry for Strategic Development of Jobs For The Boys has been tasked with the development of new and innovation ways of splitting up existing ministries and creating…


NPP footsoldiers planning to respond to every criticism by shouting ‘CHANGE’

Footsoldiers of the ruling New Patriotic Party – which won the December elections on a message of change- have unveiled a new PR plan that involves shouting ‘Change’ at anyone who criticizes the new administration. The footsoldiers say the new PR plan has proved “exceptionally successful” in deflecting criticisms levelled against President Akufo-Addo, after parts of his…


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