Martin Amidu aka ‘Killer Nkuto’ go feature for next Black Panther movie inside

Chale! We hear say the next Black Panther movie go feature Ghana’s number one anti-corruption commando ‘Killer Nkuto’. The movie makers say Killer Nkuto in character go fit dema new storyline like the skinny jeans you buy from Kantamanto. For the movie inside, T’Challa send Killer Nkuto say make he go deal plus the corrupt…


Police to hire crack team of prophets to tackle armed robbery

The Ghana Police Service is expected to announce the formation of a special unit of prophets to deal with the spate of daring broad daylight armed robberies across the country. The new unit will be known as PHONEY – Prophetic Helicopter Operations & National Emergency Yellers. The prophets will be expected to use their spiritual…


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