ABL Rewards Campus Alcoholics

ACCRA- Accra Brewery Limited on Monday rewarded two graduating students of the University of Ghana for their sterling performance.

The awards ceremony held at the University, was a demonstration of the company’s appreciation for the increased number of binge drinkers on the university’s campus.

The award winners were each presented with a special certificate which allows them unlimited access to the company’s alcoholic beverages in any pub/spot/joint on the university’s campus.

Commenting at the ceremony, the Technical Director of Accra Brewery Limited said, “ABL, as a subsidiary of SABMiller Plc, remains committed to turning our youth into alcoholics. This is the only way we can ensure abnormal profits for years to come.”

“Over the years, we have contributed to the poor health of our consumers. We have also ensured that society feels the full effect of alcohol abuse- drink driving and it’s related effects especially during this festive season.”

Both award winners were excited about their prizes and expressed their gratitude towards Accra Brewery’s consistent support for their addiction. They expressed hope that the Ghana Tobacco Company will institute a similar award scheme for university students.

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