Accra bar launches competition to create signature Akpeteshi cocktail

The famous Ghanaian spirit, Akpeteshi, is about to acquire a Cosmopolitan swag that will make Bloody Mary look like a saint and cause devoted cocktail drinkers to turn down offers of free Sex On The Beach.

A swanky cocktail bar in the Ghanaian capital has reportedly launched a competition to develop a range of signature cocktails for the pleasure of cocktail drinkers in Ghana. The competition according to the bar’s manageress was launched in support of the government’s Buy Made In Ghana initiative. “Our cocktails are usually made with imported spirits but we hope to change that with this competition. This is an entirely new adventure and we are certain Akpeteshi cocktails will soon catch on with drinkers in Ghana and across the rest of the world. Akepteshie can hold its own against vodka or any other premium spirit, we just need to package and market it right and we hope this competition will mark the beginning of that process,” she said.

The manageress also revealed that a percentage of the revenue from the Akpeteshie cocktails will be given to local distillers to help them improve the production process, packaging and marketing of the alcoholic product.

The competition, which is open to any person over the age of 18 years, has received several entries already, according to the organisers. Interested persons can simply enter the competition by posting their special Akpeteshie cocktail recipe on Facebook or Twitter with the tag #ApioCocktail.

The post must also include a name for your special cocktail. Organisers revealed they have received some interesting names some of which includes:


Muntari’s Slap 


Bloody PMS (President Mahama Special)







The Flaming Economy 



Evaporating Cedi 




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