Armed robbers demand licence to operate after minister suggests licensing Azorka Boys 

Dozens of individuals claiming to be armed robbers, most using head scarves or hoods to hide their faces, demonstrated in Accra this morning, demanding working licences to operate legally across the country.

Their demand was prompted by recent suggestions by Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo to legalise the activities of thugs and yobs who operate on behalf of political paymasters. The honourable minister who referred to the gang of thugs as “security agencies” said groups like Azorka Boys and Bolga Bulldogs- who have been accused of orchestrating violent crimes during the just ended Talensi by-election in the Upper East Region- will be given “credible documents to operate as security agencies.”

The demonstrators who numbered about 58 marched to the Interior Ministry chanting: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“The only difference between us and those Azorka Boys is that they are on some politician’s payroll and we’re not. So if these thugs who vandalise property and terrorise ordinary citizens will be given licences to operate, then we also deserve to have similar legal documents to operate freely,” explained an armed robber who identified himself as Osepe. He said he has recently got married and will greatly appreciate the expected increase in earnings if armed robbers are licensed. 

Another demonstrator said: “This is discrimination. Azorka Boys trade violence and so do armed robbers, so one group cannot be given a license while the other is left out.”

“If the minister thinks Azorka Boys and Bolga Bulldogs are ‘security agencies’ then he must recognise Atta Ayi and his friends as ‘tax collectors’,” added the armed robber.

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