Azorka Boys to recruit violent policeman

Azorka Boys, a group of violent thugs specialising in political violence has revealed its intentions to recruit Annan O, the trotro-passenger-beating police officer.

In a statement released this morning, the Azorka Boys said: “We are always on the look out for fresh talent and we think we have found someone who fits the bill. The police officer with the badge name, Annan O. is deeply violent, clearly enjoys assaulting helpless citizens and has no regard for the law. This is the kind of character we are after. We will be happy for him to work with us to intimidate voters and rig elections next year.”

The police officer appeared in a video footage which emerged online earlier this week, in which Annan repeatedly strikes a helpless trotro passenger several times with a truncheon.

The Azorka Boys who orchestrated several violent clashes during the recent Talensi by-election in the Upper East Region said the Ghana Police Service has always been fertile grounds for their recruitment, adding that both groups “shared a common ethos- violence and bribery.”

The thugs added that they are also looking to recruit the police dispatch rider who was paid to escort a private vehicle through heavy traffic.