Barton-Oduro quits politics to focus on being a muppet

Honourable Baron-Oduro has reportedly quit politics to devote all his energy to annoying struggling Ghanaian business owners with more ill-considered statements.

The hounorable MP who has so far failed to work out the connection between the worsening dumsor situation in the country and the increasing number of collapsing businesses said he finds joy in “kicking business owners in the teeth.” Hence, he will take up a new occupation which will involve making more witless utterances about why failing businesses have nothing to do with the erratic supply of power.

He revealed that in the coming weeks, Ghanaians should expect him to make statements like: “dumsor has nothing to do with the collapse of several cold stores in Ghana” and “a barber’s poor management skills is what is collapsing his business and not dumsor.”

The MP’s colleagues in parliament and government have however advised him to reconsider his decision to quit politics, arguing that he can be a politician and a muppet at the same time.

One honourable MP pointed out that “in Dumsorland, being a politician and a muppet are one and the same.”

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