Boko Haram annexes Movenpick; imposes Sharia law banning women without male escort

The jihadist militant group Boko Haram has reportedly captured Movenpick Hotel in Ghana’s capital, effectively turning the luxurious hotel into an outpost of the extremist movement with its roots in Nigeria.

Militants dressed as private security men have taken firm control of the hotel and have, with immediate effect, imposed a strict Sharia law. Women fleeing the area confirmed that security men militants at the gates of the caliphate are rigorously enforcing laws prohibiting women from entering without a male companion. “They turned me and my girl friends away because we did not have a male escort,” revealed a female medical doctor who was turned away from the gates of the caliphate on Friday night.

Ghanaians who spoke to our news team described the development as an insidious erosion of the rights of Ghanaian women and also called for a full scale cyber and ground assault on this “Sharia zone” in Accra.

The rulers of the Movenpick sub-caliphate indicated that despite their strict anti-feminist laws, women who make it into the hotel will not be treated as inferior beings when it comes to the hotel’s pricing policy. “Women may be treated as second-rate citizens at the gate, but it doesn’t mean we give them discount rates on drinks, food and other services. They will pay the same rate as their male companions.”


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