CAL Bank To Issue Bulletproof Vests To Customers

Cal Bank Ghana has allegedly announced plans to issue existing customers with bulletproof vests after a shooting incident inside one of its banking halls on Saturday.

A trigger-happy police officer on duty at the bank’s Derby Avenue Branch in Accra reportedly shot at a customer inside the banking hall after a brief altercation. This horrific incident has led the United Nations to list all of Cal Banks branches among the most dangerous places in the world.

The management of the Ghanaian bank has reacted by ordering in thousands of Kevlar layered bulletproof vests for it’s customers.

A press released purported to have come from the bank’s head office indicates that an account holder operating a bog-standard current account will be issued a vest that provides only frontal protection while those with gold standard accounts will be issued full vests with ballistic helmets.

With such trigger-happy police officers around, the bank strongly advices customers entering its premises to don the issued protective gear. The bank stressed that, it will not be liable for any gunshot injuries sustained by any customer who refuses to wear the vests and/or the helmets.

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