Cash-strapped NHIA to prescribe anointing water for all illnesses

As part of a new cost-cutting scheme, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has directed doctors and other health workers in all public healthcare institutions to prescribe anointing water for all illnesses.

This new directive comes in the wake of the refusal of some pharmaceutical companies to continue supplying the NHIA with drugs due to the authority’s failure to pay off its mounting debts. The NHIA however described the anointing-water-prescription solution as “a better and cheaper alternative” to running Ghana’s national health insurance scheme and was confident that the new directive will save the scheme enough cash to help pay off its debts of about GHC 526m.

A senior NHIA executive confirmed they had secured “an extraordinary bargain” involving millions of bottles of a special brand of anointing water from the renowned Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas, CEO and founder of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries. He explained that the anointing water is comparatively cheaper than conventional drugs and its ability to cure all illnesses is indisputable. “We have firm assurances from T. B Duncan-Judas concerning the efficacy of his anointing water. It can cure malaria, cholera, ebola; you name it. Doctors can even prescribe the anointing water for people in search of a good husband or a wife or even those looking to acquire a visa. This is a wonder drug.”

He was however quick to add that “the anointing water will not cure dead goat syndrome and incompetence.”

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