Cedi plunges against NPP membership card

Ghana’s cedi has plunged to an all time low after financial market analysts confirmed that an NPP membership card is worth much more than the national currency.

The cedi has been volatile for months because of a weak economy and financial difficulties at local banks but the latest drop in its value against the NPP membership card is the most serious economic crisis of the Akufo-Addo era.

According to market analysts, NPP membership cards, under current economic conditions, buy more contracts and government-run services than the cedi. “One party card can buy you a multimillion dollar construction contract or a well-paid job at the Jubilee House. On the other hand, one cedi gets you nothing more than a couple of Tramadol tablets,” explained Dr. Mensa, Head of Currency Strategy at God Is Good Trading Corporation.

“Ghanaians looking to hedge their wealth against a falling local currency should follow my lead and invest in an NPP membership card,” Dr. Mensa added.