Celebrate ‘sor’ like a Black Stars goal or we will ‘dum’ your lights immediately- ECG

Ghanaians who fail to shout and cheer whenever power is restored to their homes during this intense load-shedding period will be punished with immediate power cuts.

The warning was issued by the Electricity Company of Ghana in a statement expressing the energy distributor’s displeasure with Ghanaians for “celebrating sor with less shouts and screams than a Black Stars goal.” The head of ECG’s Dumsor Department explained that workers of the company have always enjoyed the ecstatic celebrations that immediately follow ‘sor’ moments, hence the the recent culture of muted celebrations have left workers “feeling deeply hurt and unappreciated.”

ECG argues that although the national team has, over the years, been equally guilty of breaking Ghanaian hearts, they still continue to receive rapturous cheers anytime they score a goal at the ongoing African Cup of Nation. This “unfair treatment” according to ECG workers, has left them “feeling unloved by the Ghanaian public.”

The situation has also affected the morale of other workers in Ghana’s energy sector, threatening the government’s plausible promise of turning Ghana into West Africa’s energy hub.

The statement revealed that areas of the country which have experienced prolonged periods of ‘dum’ since the beginning of AFCON have been deliberately targeted for punishment “because residents have been found to yell and cheer more for a Black Stars goal than they do a sor moment.” The statement confirmed that this measure will continue until the nation gets back to treating the rare ‘sor’ moments with appreciation.

The head of ECG’s Dumsor Department advised Ghanaians to avoid this punishment of prolong hours of ‘dum’ by making sure they scream at the top of your lungs whenever power is restored to their homes.

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