Christian Council unveils blessings price list for national cathedral fundraising event

The Christian Council of Ghana has unveiled the blessings price list for its national cathedral fundraising event.

A statement from CCG said “the affordable price list means everyone- however poor you are, can afford to buy a portion of God’s blessings.”

The fundraising event, to be run under the slogan – “Give or you shall not be blessed”, will be a year long campaign to raise funds to construct the umpteenth church building in Ghana.

Similar to Otabil’s miracle price list, the CCG blessings price list promises “Woyome Blessings” for those who give an offering of $5,000 or GHC21,500; those who sow a “Seed of a thousand times more” will have to pay $1,000 or GHc4250. The least on the list is a $80 or GHc400 price tag for “V8 Blessings.”

The council expects to attract buyers from the usual ‘pray-for-me’ crowd.