Dwarfs blamed for missing Metro Mass Transit buses

The disappearance of 12 Metro Mass Transit buses from various depots around the country has sparked fresh claims of the involvement of supernatural beings.

Senior management members of the transport company denied any involvement in the scandal but rather pointed fingers at Anita DeSooso’s infamous dwarfs. They accused the dwarfs of using their mystical powers to teleport the buses to unknown locations around the country. “We have nothing to do with these stolen buses. Everything points to the fact that the dwarfs had a hand in this,” said one senior management member who wished to remain anonymous.

He further explained that the mischievous dwarfs, who were earlier this year accused of causing the fall of the Cedi by looting the vaults of the Bank of Ghana, were the only ones capable of pulling off such a heist. “A bus is not like a bar of Golden Tree chocolate you can hide in your pocket; to be able to thief and hide 12 huge buses is something that requires supernatural powers. That is why we are all pointing fingers at the dwarfs.”


He called on the government to provide funds to hire world class investigators to track down the missing buses. “We need more money from government to hire Scooby Doo and his friends to come solve this mystery once and for all,” he said.