ECG announces merger with MTN to create Ghana’s ‘meanest credit thieving conglomerate’

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced a public-private partnership deal with telecommunications giant MTN, to create the “meanest credit thieving conglomerate in the history daylight robbery.”

According to analysts, the deal will “bring together the two best known names in the vanishing credit business.” ECG has a long history of not only charging extortionate tariffs for its disservice to Ghanaians but also stealing credits from customers who use prepaid meters. MTN also has a similar record of pilfering call credit and data from its network users.

Together, the two companies will operate a “vanishing credit scheme” which will generate millions of cedis in stolen electricity and phone credit.

Stakeholders are yet to decide on a name for the new company but an insider confirmed that a tag line has already been agreed. “The company created from the merger will use the tagline ‘You Load We Loot’. This captures the core principles of the mother companies,” he said.