ECG sues telecom provider over poor service

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is reportedly suing its telecommunications provider for poor services which includes network failure and disruptions.

Lawyers for ECG described the telephone and internet services as “below par,” “not value for money” and “frustrating.” Hence, ECG wants the court to declare the telecom provider to be in breach of its contract.

ECG cited issues such as the incessant network failures, system failure, crashes, slow internet connection and poor customer service. The telecom provider is also accused of billing ECG a full month’s charge even when telephone and internet services have been down for several days within the month, a situation ECG described as “daylight robbery” and “unacceptable.”

A spokesman for ECG defended the company’s decision to sue arguing that “the telecommunications provider is getting what it deserves.” He added that “no consumer should ever accept such poor services.”

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