Fake protesters announce ‘Buy One Get One Free’ sale

The fake protesters who took part in yesterday’s ‘Thank You Prez’ march in Kumasi have announced an unmissable deal for the election season.

The special Buy One Get One Free deal will offer the services of two fake protesters for the price of one. “For the same GHC20 we charged for a protester in Kumasi, shameless politicians can now get two equally shameless protesters to help stage phoney marches and demonstrations,” explained the leader of the group.

According to him, the group expects a huge increase in demand for their services as politicians begin to gear themselves up for next year’s general elections. He described the campaigning period as their “cocoa season” and hopes the sale offer will help attract more business from bent politicians.

The leader also explained that the group, which is made up of venal individuals, is willing to sell its services to the highest bidder. “Whether you’re paying us with money from the IMF or money from that gargantuan scam, we don’t really care,” he remarked. “If the money is right, we’ll sing jama and wave placards all day.”

He however advised politicians to provide placards that are already inscribed with their desired political messages since most members of his group are unable to read or write. “We don’t need to know what messages are on the placards. Our job is to give fake fans, e dey be k3k3,” he remarked.

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