FDA bans sex pills with crap names

What is in a name? When it comes to sexual enhancement drugs, a name can literally lift or flop a product. A product’s name should be meaningful, catchy and potent- especially when the product boasts of unparalleled libido-lifting powers.

Ironically, two sexual enhancement drugs which promise to give men everlasting erection have been given eternal ejection by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for having “crap names.”

A source at the FDA confirmed the two products, Angel Natural Capsules and Be4 Be4 Instant Capsules, have been banned from the Ghanaian market for having names “not befitting” products which promise to give men harder erection, enlarged genitals, increased stamina and a more intense orgasm.

“Angel? Why would you name a sex pill Angel? Angels only make quick appearances, there’s nothing long lasting about them. They might as well name it Usain Bolt or Flash.”

“You can’t trust any sexual enhancement supplement called Instant. And don’t get me started on Be4 Be4. Before what? Before you burst quick?”

Our source advised the manufacturers of the two male enhancement supplements to go for more potent names in the future. “They should go for more potent names next time. Everlasting Rod or Rock of Ages will do.”

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