Ghana AIDS Commission seeks new HIV/AIDS ambassador

Are you a healthy but phoney individual wishing to earn a living by posing as an HIV/AIDS patient? Will you happily work with a commission that has no regard for fact checking, common sense and due diligence? Can you cook up a sob story to rake in millions of foreign aid? If you answered yes to all these questions, then this may be the job for you.

Employer: Ghana AIDS Commission

Job Title: HIV/AIDS Ambassador

Required Skills:

  • Proven ability to feign sickness
  • Ability to invent a believable story about how you contracted HIV/AIDS

Qualification: HIV Negative Certificate

Type of Employment: Permanent, but you will be dismissed if you suddenly make unreasonable demands for a pay rise or decide to publicly disclose your HIV negative status.

Main Duties: 

  • In accordance with the Commission’s policy of hiring individuals without due diligence, you will be expected to run the HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign on such “biara biara” policy
  • You will be expected to throw away any anti-retro-viral drugs given by your doctors. Never mind that these are really expensive drugs meant for people who are genuinely unwell
  • You will be expected to be a puppet of the Commission’s top hierarchy
  • Expect to encounter discrimination and stigmatisation attached to HIV/AIDS but the huge remuneration should compensate for this.

**** Applicants who have genuinely tested positive for HIV/AIDS will be rejected!

All other interested individuals should send CVs to:

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