Ghana Police launches new recruitment drive dubbed ‘Cash For Jobs’

The Ghana Police service is set to quell the controversy surrounding its recruitment process with the launch of a new recruitment drive dubbed ‘Cash For Jobs.’

“People have always had to pay bribes something small to gain admission into the police force, it is normal. The ‘Cash For Jobs’ scheme is merely formalising that process,” explained one insider. Under the new scheme, the role of middle men and women who acted as agents for the top officials, will be completely eliminated from the recruitment process. “Now would-be recruits can pay the bribes directly to the big men at the top to secure a place at our training school.”

The introduction of the ‘Cash For Jobs’ scheme also signals an end to the law enforcement agency’s outdated and ineffective process of recruiting potential officers solely based on academic qualifications, moral uprightness and physical prowess. “These are all outdated and useless indicators when selecting people to join the service. An individual’s ability to pay hefty bribes is a better indicator of how well they will do in the police service.”

Our source further added that the new scheme is in line with the ethos of the police service. “This ‘Cash for Jobs’ scheme is clearly in line with our motto ‘service without integrity’.”

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