Ghana Water To Launch ‘You Go Bath Chaw’ Promo

The Ghana Water Company(GWC) is supposedly lining up a special  promotional package aimed at winning over public support for their proposed prepaid water metering system.

Our usually unreliable sources claim that GWC, will soon launch this carefully planned marketing stunt dubbed the “You Go Bath Chaw” promo. This promo package is expected to draw in even the most stubborn opponents to the proposed water metering system.

With the “You Go Bath Chaw” promo, customers who subscribe will enjoy free unlimited weekend supply of water as long as they top up at least  GH¢20 during the week. Under this same promo, subscribers will be entered into weekly draws and a grand draw at the end of each month, with the winners taking home very valuable prize items such as jerry cans, buckets and basins for the storage of the very little water they are lucky to receive from GWC.

A driver at the Ghana Water Company confirmed to our reporter that the company has gone the extra mile to ensure the metering system is a success. Answering concerns about customers unknowingly running out of water while having a shower, he said “I’ve heard they will affix special monitoring systems on every GWC pipe in the country. This system will alert users with a pre recorded message which will be played back to the user when credit is running low.”

We can confirm the pre recorded message for when a customer is running low on credit is “…sorry you have one minute of running water left, please top up.’ And there is another message for when you have completely run out of credit,  ‘…the water you’re trying to fetch is temporarily unavailable, please try again later!”

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