Ghanaians drag Jamie Oliver to court for serving noodles in asanka

Only a few months after Jollofgate, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has once again incurred the wrath of the people of Ghana.

A group of Ghanaians in the UK have brought a law suit against the Brit, accusing him of flouting universal culinary laws by serving a noodle soup dish in a Ghanaian clay bowl specially reserved for fufu- a popular Ghanaian dish.

According to a member of the group who describes himself as a fufu connoisseur,  ‘no dish on earth is good enough’ to be served in the clay bowl known in Ghana as ‘asanka.’ He points out that serving noodles in the asanka is unacceptable under universal culinary traditions. ‘It is an abomination to serve any type food, apart from fufu, in an asanka. Not even our beloved Jollof can be served in an asanka.’



A lawyer for the group explained that his clients’ displeasure stems from a post which appeared on Jamie Oliver’s website showing a portion of ramen- a Japanese noodle soup, served in a clay bowl which looks like an asanka. The lawyer contends that the bowl in the picture is ‘clearly a Ghanaian asanka which must contain nothing but a tower of fufu and a hefty serving of meat, swimming harmoniously in a pool of piping hot soup.’

Another member of the group explained that ‘asanka is to fufu as runway is to an aeroplane. Just like the runway is built for airplanes to successfully take off, so is the asanka specially built for a successful fufu take off.’

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