Ghanaians Spend More Time On Facebook When At Work

Data released by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) indicates a 57% fall in the average time Ghanaians spend on Facebook during public holidays, suggesting that Ghanaian workers spend more time on Facebook and other social media sites during normal workdays.

The figures which were released this morning followed a year long study by the GSS recording how much time the average Ghanaian worker spends on Facebook during a normal workday. These figures were then compared with the average time spent on the social media site during public holidays. The result of this new study is likely to prompt more employers to introduce well defined policies on the use of social media at the workplace.

The study also made some interesting revelations. The study revealed that most Ghanaian male workers spent an hour or more during working hours stalking female colleagues’ Facebook account even though they may not be friends with them. The females were also found to be more likely to click the like button and leave complimentary comments on a friend’s picture even if they think those pictures are less than flattering or inappropriate for social media. It confirmed that 75% of the time spent on Facebook while at work were for status updates, selfies uploads and random online stalking.

This study, the first of it’s kind in Ghana also reported that, 80% of Ghanaians who took part in this study blamed ECG’s dumsor for the high use of social media at workplace. The power cuts/load shedding/load management/dumsor which usually runs from 6pm to 6am the following day means that most people are unable to connect their electronic devices to the internet after work.

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