Graduate unemployment set to drop as Ghana exports jihadists to IS

The number of unemployed graduates is expected to fall after Ghana signed an agreement to export its jobless graduates to the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate, Islamic State (IS).

Under the terms of the agreement, thousands of unemployed Ghanaian youths will be offered lucrative jobs in the Islamic State working as suicide bombers and sex slaves. Official reports have confirmed that a number of young Ghanaian graduates have already accepted offers to work as suicide bombers in IS territories in Iraq and Syria, and hundreds more are expected to follow as this new employment drive intensifies.

IS recruiters in Ghana revealed that “there are hundreds of suicide bomber job openings, so people can start work as soon as they arrive in the caliphate.”

The Ghanaian government, on its part, said it is thrilled by the potential of this new employment drive to reduce the soaring employment figures, adding that it will do its best to facilitate the work of the IS recruiters by burying its head in the sand.