Hollywood to make movie on how a nation dying of cholera continues to live in filth

An award-winning US writer is planning a Hollywood comedy recounting the extraordinary story of a group of people who are dying of cholera yet remain living in absolute filth.

The movie, provisionally entitled “Good Hygiene Arrests Needless Ailments- GHANA” promises countless rib-cracking moments from start to finish. It chronicles how a comical mix of bad governance, ignorance and lack of common sense beautifully combines to produce a sensational story.

“With over 90 lives lost and as many as 10,000 cases recorded, you would have thought these people will take some serious steps to end the yearly outbreaks of cholera during the raining seasons; but not these people,” noted the award-winning writer. “The politicians spew their usual empty rhetoric, the population goes on as business as usual and the health workers, with their limited resources, continue fighting a losing battle. If this isn’t comedy then I don’t know what is.”

Top movie critics have already placed this yet-to-be made movie on their “must watch” list. One excited movie critic remarked, “people dying from a preventable disease year after year? Wow! This must be the best comedy story ever. This is actually beyond comedy. If we had a movie genre called ‘folly,’ this GHANA movie will fall right into that category.”

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