Hurricane Incompetence expected to cause 24hrs blackouts- ECG

A powerful hurricane is set to cause unprecedented disruptions in electricity supply lasting up to 24 hours, according to dumsor storm forecasters at the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Hurricane Incompetence, a category 4 storm, is presently travelling over the Volta lake and expected to batter an already struggling economy when it strikes Ghana in the coming weeks. Forecasters say there will be a dangerous surge in storms of uncertainty accompanied by destructive waves of misery as Hurricane Incompetence sweeps through all four corners of this sunny nation, exposing decades of visionless leadership.

An official of ECG revealed that they have put in place comprehensive emergency measures to deal with the power cuts. “We are working closely with our friends in China to manufacture portable generators to be sold to those who can afford,” he said. “Anyone who cannot afford a generator can clearly afford to endure the darkness.”

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