Kantanka unveils hotair-powered car amid fuel price hikes

Motorists who can no longer afford to keep their vehicles on the road after the recent extortionate hikes in the prices of petrol and diesel have now been offered a genuine alternative.

Kantanka Automobile Company (KAC) says you can soon swap your fossil fuel powered vehicle for one of its new hotair-powered SUV.

The prototype vehicle, code-named the TaxpayersAbr3- 1 (TA-1), runs solely on pure hot air consistently spewed by Ghanaian politicians.
An automobile engineer from Kumasi Magazine believes it’s a good time to switch to the hotair-powered vehicles given Ghana’s abundant supply of MPs and government officials who are full of pure, unadulterated hot air. “These are the ones on radio and all other available platforms promising us heaven on earth yet continue robbing us blind through an extortionate tax scheme.

“And it seems there are several generations of such politicians and their minions waiting in the wings, so you can be sure your TA-1 will never run out of fuel.”

According to Kantanka Automobile, the TA-1 will be in showrooms as soon as it completes the installation of charge points for the vehicle. They also revealed that the charge points will be sited close to the sources of hot air to ensure maximum yield. “Most of the public charge points will be located in the capital Accra and we aim to site them as close as possible to the sources of hot air. We have drawn up comprehensive plans to build several of these charge points around the Flagstaff House and the House of Parliament.”

Hot air from inside the Parliament House and the Flagstaff House will be channeled through charging terminals into the vehicles.
The car manufacturer added that 3 years of hot air data gathering confirmed the two locations to be the best sites to the install charge points.