KIA departure hall named wettest place on earth

The departure hall of the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) has been handed the title of the wettest place on earth ahead of the Indian village of Mawsynram, which records an average annual rainfall of about 11, 871 mm.

The airport authorities who received the award at a ceremony this morning explained the meteorological phenomenon which causes the extreme wet conditions inside KIA, which happens to be the ‘gateway to the West Africa sub-region.’

“This has nothing to do with leaking roofs inside the airport. What happens is that a heavy moisture of incompetence and negligence gathers over Accra and this causes precipitation over the airport which causes the wet conditions.”

A backpacker from London who arrived at the Kotoka International Airport on Saturday described conditions inside the airport as “never seen before” in his many years of travel around the world. “It felt like I was back in London, it was wet and soggy,” he added.

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