KNUST creates special breed of cold-blooded knifemen

Researchers at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have successfully created a special breed of human beings capable of inflicting vicious stab wounds on colleagues with whom they share virtually everything but an abode.

The researchers say by removing copies of a gene called the common sense gene, they have created a unique breed of students with a genetic mutation that allows them to attack and maim other fellow students over trivial issues. “These vicious creatures are educated but have no common sense. They wilfully attack and stab perceived rivals at the slightest provocation,” explained the head of the research team.

The vicious knife-wielding creatures who were released onto the university’s campus earlier this week, turned a seemingly harmless rivalry between two of the university’s all-male halls of residence into a stabbing contest, resulting in two students sustaining serious stab wounds while 20 others received various injuries.

Experts on human behaviour predict that KNUST’s breed of cold-blooded knifemen will go on to become political foot soldiers who will mete out violence at the orders of the masters.