Kpakpakpa man applies to trademark phrase ‘Je Suis Kpakpakpa’

Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei, the middle aged man popularly known as ‘Kpakpakpa man’ has applied to use the trademark ‘Je Suis Kpakpakpa’ on T-shirts and other commercial goods.

According to the unemployed man, this move forms part of a wider campaign to gain some recognition and financial reward from a number of big corporations and individuals who have made commercial gains from a word he popularised. The phrase ‘Je Suis Kpakpakpa’ which will be printed on T-shirts, vehicles and billboards will become the rallying cry of all true supporters of the Kpakpakpa Movement and all other individuals who feel cheated by big corporations and clever individuals who are quick to make money off another man’s toil.

‘Kpakpakpa man’ explained that the use of the word ‘kpakpakpa’ in a tone mimicking his own in TV and radio commercials is worse than an attack on free speech. ‘Let me elaborate myself, this is more than an attack on free speech, this is the thieving of free speech.’

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