Mahama to be picked from KIA by a convoy of bamboo bicycles

President John Drama-nyie Mahama will be picked up by a convoy of Made-in-Ghana bamboo bicylces when he returns from his extended visit to the United States, according to the Flagstaff House (FSH).

Officials from the FSH say the decision to ditch the usual presidential convoy- made up of a collection of V8 SUVs and a long queue of police motorcade, for the unostentatious bicycles was inspired by the president’s observations on the Pope’s modest choice of transportation during his recent visit to the US. President Mahama in his speech to the UN General Assembly last Wednesday described the pontiff’s decision to ride in a “tiny Fiat 500L” on the streets of New York, Washington and Philadelphia- despite the staggering wealth of the Roman Catholic Church, as a “powerful lesson” in simplicity and frugality.

Officials confirmed that the president and his entourage, whenever they decide to return from their taxpayer funded travels, will make the 3.9km short journey from the Kotoka International Airport to the president’s official residence on bamboo bicycles made locally by Boomers International.

Our sources currently touring the US with the President Mahama have however disclosed the president’s displeasure with this new arrangement. One source said “President Mahama was only being his usual Johnny Talker self” when he commented on the Pope’s modesty and that “he [Mahama] didn’t intend to use such austere means of travel, even though our national debt continues to skyrocket.”


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