Man planning to default on TV licence fee locks TVs in cage to avoid seizure

Government’s decision to approve hikes in television licence fees- a charge which has remained unchanged for the past 24 years- has been met with widespread disapproval. One displeased television owner has resorted to a rather unusual measure to ensure his personal television sets are out of the reach of any licence fee collector. 

The man who identified himself as Ghanaba has mounted special iron cages on his living room and bedroom walls to house his two television sets. Ghanaba says he will default on the payment since he “has not entered any contractual agreement with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation or any other beneficiary of the television license fee.”

He argues that his “television sets are hardly in use because of the dumsor” and when they are in use, he “only watches DVDs and plays his game console on his television sets.”

The licensing fee which comes into effect on Friday, August 21 would require households with two or more television sets to pay a fee of GHC 60 per year while households with one television set will pay GHC 36 per year. 

Ghanaba also rubbished arguments that the state-owned broadcaster required public funds to fulfil its public duty. “Unless back-to-back episodes of badly dubbed South American telenovelas and live broadcasts of pregnant-women-kicking televangelists form part of GBC’s public duty, then I don’t know what they’re talking about,” quipped the disgruntled TV owner.