Man suffers heart palpitations as mechanic repairs car on time

A 40 year old man was taken to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital suffering from severe heart palpitations after a bizarre incident at his home this morning.

The patient, whose name we are unable to disclose,  is believed to have experienced accelerated heartbeats accompanied by dizziness and difficulty in breathing as the mechanic he had engaged to repair  his vehicle turned up on time, fixed the vehicle without dilly-dallying and offered him a 3 month repairer’s guarantee!

Narrating the incident to our reporter, the patient, who is currently in a stable condition said: “What started as a normal morning took a sudden bizarre turn! Last night I spoke to Eben, my mechanic about my broken down vehicle. He said he will come over and have a look at the car ‘around 7 am’ today. Any Ghanaian will know ‘around 7’ means any time between 7:30 and 10:30.  So I was taken aback when Eben turned up at exactly 7 am! He said hello, went straight to the car and begun working on it. I observed him from my bedroom window as he expertly put the car back in working order.  He didn’t stop to chit-chat on his phone or even stop to get food like he usually does. By this time, my heart was beating double time. But the severe palpitations and dizziness set in when Eben announced at approximately 7.30 am that he had finished work on the car and he was also offering me a 3 month repairer’s guarantee. Anything that  goes wrong with the engine within the next 3 months will be repaired for free. That’s when I lost all consciousness!

A medical staff at the hospital explained that this rare behaviour of strict adherence to time and professionalism displayed by the mechanic can cause severe shock in a nation like Ghana where tardiness and unprofessionalism seems to be the norm. “Only last week we treated a young man and his girlfriend for the same medical condition. They ordered a meal at a restaurant and to their utter surprise, the food arrived within the 10 minutes they were promised and the restaurant staff were exceptionally polite and full of smiles! The couple were left shell shocked! For over 2 hours they could not move or blink an eye. It took a team of experienced psychologists to convince the couple that what they experienced wasn’t a dream!”

The hospital administration revealed that the Ministry of Health has been alerted and are believed to be conducting a formal assessment of this health risk. They also hinted that the ministry may soon add professionalism and punctuality to the growing list of health risks faced by Ghanaians.


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