Ministry of Energy named No.1 car dealer in Ghana

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP) has been named the best car dealership by the Car Dealers Association of Ghana.

Although its core business lies in energy and petroleum management, MoEP has recently made a name for itself in the automobile distribution industry with the addition of almost $2 million worth of vehicles to its already impressive car pool. The dealership arm of the business specialises in the supply of top of the range American car brands such as Ford and Lexus, and also occasionally ventures into the supply of overpriced photocopiers, desktop computers and laptops.

According to the car dealers association, the award was presented in recognition of MoEP’s efforts to expand the ever increasing pool of luxury vehicles owned by government institutions.

The owners of MoEP, a syndicate of looters and pillagers from across the political landscape, said the award was an example of how they can cooperate to further enrich themselves. “This particular project highlighted how we can seamlessly work together for our own good,” said the official statement. “We worked together, from negotiation of the loan through to the redirection of funds to the purchase of these vehicles. And we hope to cooperate fully on finally taking these vehicles as part of our ex gratia packages.”

They also hinted that, with more foreign loans in the offing, MoEP will in the future acquire Ferraris instead of the Lexus they have become famous for. “Ferrari is in the same range as a Lexus and Land Cruiser,” remarked one MoEP official.

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