Nigerian mafia delegation to learn from ECG

A group of Nigerian mobsters have visited Ghana to get tips on exploitation from the Electricity Company of Ghana.

The gangsters who described ECG as “the most sophisticated racket ever devised” confirmed they are in Ghana to learn how the public electricity distribution company is able to “extorts huge amounts of money from consumers who receive nothing more than a few hours of electricity supply.”

The head of the Nigerian group expressed his admiration for ECG: “We like these ECG folks. For each month, they will supply a customer less electricity than the previous month yet the customer’s new bill is always more than double. Even those with private generators receive a bill from the ECG at the end of the month!”

“And they have this other thing called the “pre-paid meter.” They might as well call it the “pre-paid eater.” You may have 100 units on your pre-paid meter, you charge your phone for two minutes and your credit is down to 15 units. Nobody dares stand up to them.”

“The few that complain do not go unpunished. Like true gangsters, they’re quick to squash any dissent and they do so in the most sophisticated way. ECG doesn’t send hitmen, they send power surges. Before you know it, your electrical appliances and your whole house will be on fire.”

“And here’s the best things about ECG- if they want more money, they just ask the government through the Public Utility Regulatory Commission. Now that’s doro-gangster!” 

The Nigerian gangsters are expected to spend two weeks in Ghana shadowing various ECG executives. 

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