Prez creates Ministry of Prayer to ‘banish dumsor’ with prayers and fasting

Just days after he “banished dumsor” with prayers, President John Mahama has created a Ministry of Prayer to render a combination of sustained prayers and fasting to keep the dumsor away from Ghana eternally.

The creation of this new ministry comes barely two months after the president established the Ministry of Power- which promised to bring a sharper focus into solving the problem of spasmodic power supply which continues to cripple businesses in Ghana. However, despite the obvious failure of the Ministry of Power to make any meaningful progress in solving the nation’s energy crisis, insiders at the Flagstaff House remain confident that the newly created Ministry of Prayer will bring the desired impact. “As the president himself said in his prayer, 2015 is the year we put an end to dumsor forever. Not with careful planning and sound engineering, but with prayers; and the Ministry of Prayer will ensure that this promise is fulfilled,” revealed a source at Flagstaff House.

According to insiders, the president expects the Ministry of Prayer to ignore the corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude which plagues the energy sector and focus on praying to ensuring that dumsor remains banished from Ghana. “We don’t need to worry about corruption or any of those things; all we have to do is to pray,” said another source.

“Why should we think and plan when you can simply pray for solutions?” he asked.

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