Prez to break ground for shipping harbour in landlocked town 

The president will soon break ground for the construction of a multi-million dollar shipping harbour in a completely landlocked town in the Upper West region.

The harbour which has been billed as “the gateway to more votes” will be built on an expanse of dry land with no navigable route to the sea or any other water body. Despite this engineering challenge as well as the economic infeasibility, officials insist that “just like the Ho airport project, this is a campaign promise that must be fulfilled at all cost.”

A source close to the project said the presidency wants ground work for the project to coincide with the beginning of the electioneering season. “All we want is for a few JCB trucks to scratch the earth on the project site. Once that is done, we can add the harbour project to our list of achievements.” he explained.

The source praised the president as a “visionary who promises to build bridges even where there are no rivers.”