Referees buy Division One club; debunks concerns over conflict of interest

The Referees’ Association of Ghana (RAG) has purchased a Division One club for an undisclosed fee, debunking concerns over conflict of interest.

Members of the association who are responsible for officiating games in all divisions of Ghanaian football- including the Division One League, said they did not see how their official roles as referees could benefit their club. “There is no possibility of conflict of interest. All criticisms over this acquisition are utterly unfounded,” said one referee.

A senior member of the association confirmed that they took their cue from the Minister of Youth and Sports who recently rubbished concerns over conflict of interest after acquiring a Division One club. “If alarm bells aren’t ringing when a sports minister acquires a football club, then no one should be concerned when referees do same.”

Another referee remarked that, “if the Minster of Sports can own a football team then surely the ECG director can own a generator retail shop. No conflict of interest there at all or is there?”


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