Returnees blamed for extinction of local dog breeds

Many of Ghana’s kamkpe local dog breeds could completely disappear as their popularity declines.

The tough, mean looking, bones crunching, left over soup slurping, akpeteshie licking local dogs are being pushed aside by the biscuit munching foreign breeds- the returnee’s latest must-have fashion accessory.

An experts explained that the decline is the result of the sharp increase in the demand for and supply of foreign breeds. “Most returnees have a taste for all things non-Ghanaian; food, drinks, men, women and dogs. As foreign breeds such as the Chihuahua, the German Shepard and the French bulldog soar in popularity, we have seen a decline in the number of local breeds, with many of them now on our vulnerable breeds list and at risk of disappearing from our compounds and from under our mango trees.”

A concerned local dog owner urged government to extend its buy made-in-Ghana campaign to include local dog breeds. “Government needs to intervene. Why should you buy a foreign dog which only feeds on imported dog biscuits when you can get a local one which eats banku and drinks akpeteshie. What happened to the made-in-Ghana policy? This country has gone to the dogs I tell you.”

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