School publishes ‘list of banks and other buildings with lights’ to help pupils affected by dumsor

The heartbreaking images of two children completing their school assignments outside a bank in Accra has prompted a school in the capital to publish a list of banks and buildings with constant supply of electricity.

The headmaster of the school admitted that the erratic power supply has affected the ability of pupils to complete assignments on time and hoped the list will help pupils affected by dumsor to easily locate banks and other buildings within their communities which have constant supply of electricity.

He observed that despite the creation of the Ministry of Power, there has been no meaningful progress in solving the nation’s energy problem, adding that this list will be of extreme benefit to the “many ordinary Ghanaian parents who do not have the financial ability to purchase generators for their homes.”

According to the list, the best places for children experiencing dumsor can go to do their assignment will be the Flagstaff House, homes of ECG directors and the homes of our honourable politicians. “These places have a constant supply of electricity,” added the headmaster.

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