Security men to hit the streets to protest being used as car park attendants

An association representing the numerous security personnel working at the various bank offices and the major shopping malls in the capital have issued a statement threatening to hit the streets in protest against what they call “underutilisation of their skills” by their employers.

According to the group, security personnel across the country have been reduced to car park attendants whose only job is to help “Oga at the top park his new Range Rover because Oga can’t use his mirrors to reverse park properly.”

The statement which was released this morning also noted that other security personnel have become traffic wardens at the major bank offices. “Instead of them using us in our role as security operatives, we have been equipped with with red and green flags to stop traffic for customers to reverse onto busy roads. The situation is very frustration. We we are not making any meaningful progress in our careers.”

The association is demanding that employers take them off car parking duties and provide them with Segways to give them that professional look. “Failure to do so will result in a protest march,” they added.

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