St. Otabillions of Capital Bank named patron saint of sakawa boys

The Union of Sakawa Boys has unanimously adopted St. Otabillions of Capital Bank as the patron saint of their profession.

An official statement from the union said: “the sleight of hand displayed by St. Otabillions of Capital Bank makes him the obvious choice for patron saint of Sakawa Boys, 419ers and all others who are engaged in similar trades.”

According to the union, St. Otabillions was chosen from a pool of equally qualified candidates which included St. Alfred of Gargantuan and Padre Agyarko Bow Tie.

The union also revealed that two internet cafes in Nima and Tema have both been renamed in honour of St. Otabillions, and “the renamed cafes will be solely dedicated to supporting the #IStandWithOtabil crusade.”

Members of the union hope their association with St. Otabillions will help them do greater works in the sakawa industry.