Striking doctors to offer free check-ups to “other bootlickers suffering from idiocy”

Doctors currently striking over conditions of service say they will offer “thorough medical check-ups to all bootlickers and minions of the government who seem to be showing signs of idiocy.”

Executives of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) said they are treating the high prevalence of idiocy among the government’s bootlickers and flatterers as an emergency. “We deem the idiotic utterances from these bootlickers, minions and sycophants as medical emergencies that need thorough medical investigation. Therefore, in spite of our current strike action, we will still offer free check-ups to those individuals who exhibit such signs on our airwaves and on other social media platforms,” said an official statement from GMA.

The decision to offer free check-ups was inspired by GMA’s General Secretary, Dr. Frank Serebour, who accurately diagnosed one such sycophant after a chance encounter during radio discussion. The statement explained that “after 5 minutes of listening to the guy, Dr. Serebour knew exactly what was wrong with him. The man’s symptoms matched up almost perfectly with what the medical dictionary and indeed all other dictionaries call an ‘idiot’.”

The statement from GMA noted that “such idiots exhibit symptoms such as a tendency to label striking doctors as NPP sympathisers, nation wreckers and belligerent individuals seeking to make the current government unpopular.”

The GMA urged the general public to be wary of such individuals and to also have the courage to call a spade a spade.



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