T. B. Duncan-Judas commands Ghana to rise from HIPC

The Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas has “commanded” Ghana to rise from its recently acquired Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) status.

Leading worshippers at Monday night’s service, the CEO and founder of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries blamed “demons and mysterious dwarfs” for the country’s economic misery, and asked for divine intervention to help lift the nation from its woes. “I hold up this oil-rich, gold-rich and cocoa-rich country with prayer and I command the demons and dwarfs strangling our economy to lose their hold.”

The preacher man also chided the IMF and other economists for blaming the continued economic downturn on the government’s ineptitude. “Reckless spending and the looting of public funds have nothing to do with our current circumstances. All our economic woes are spiritual! They have been caused by the devil and Anita Desoso’s mysterious dwarfs. The same dwarfs who siphoned money from the vaults of the Bank of Ghana!”

Ghana, which was the second-fastest growing economy of 2011 and Africa’s fastest, has yet again accumulated a debt stock of more than 70% of its GDP, only 14 years after it first went through a IMF/World Bank HIPC Initiative Programme.

T. B. Duncan-Judas praised the government for delivering the Better Ghana Agenda and also urged the president to ignore all sound economic advice and rather focus on “positive confessions to help transform Ghana into an advanced economy.”

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