The new iPhone 6 & 6 plus come with ‘Wailing Elvis’ as default ringtone

Ghanaian iPhone fans will be happy to know that the newly launched iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 plus come with a heap of new features including a new set of ringtones and text tones available only to users in Ghana.

With this new feature, the default ringtone for all users in Ghana will be the ‘Wailing Elvis,’ Apple confirmed today. This new default ringtone has been described as “more realistic, more modern and more exciting” than the previous ones found on older iPhones. ‘Wailing Elvis’ is a high pitched insincere cry that effectively alerts a user of an incoming call.




‘Adu Asare Sob,’ the other new ringtone, is described as another insincere cry, loud enough to wake anyone from a deep slumber.

The ‘Muntari Slap’ described by Apple as a sudden clap of thunder is ideal for use as a text tone just like the ‘Falling Cedi’ which mimics the sound of falling coins .

Apple hopes this daring innovation will be enough bait to attract more Ghanaian buyers. But with prices starting from £539, this phone is as cheap as a property at Trasacco. Anyone unable to afford this can however click HERE for a chance to win a free iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus.


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