The parable of the Cedi, the dollar and the commander

And the dwarfs spoke to the people in parables saying; “A certain rich landowner planted two vineyards and built a wall around each. He called one vineyard, Cedi and the other Dollar. He then leased the vineyards to two different tenant farmers and moved to another country.

Uncle Sam, the wise tenant at Dollar, toiled day and night to maintain it. And although he prayed for the rains to come, he watered the grapes when the rains delayed and cared for them until they blossomed beautifully. And when some of the grapes on Dollar were afflicted with diseases, Uncle Sam went not to the prophets or seers nor did he blame his enemies or the gods. He simply hired men skilled in treating plant diseases and they cured his plants without much trouble.

Charley, the lazy tenant begun pressing wine from Cedi’s grapes even before the harvest season. And he got drunk and slumbered while weeds overwhelmed beautiful Cedi.

And at the time of the grape harvest, the rich landowner sent word that he will soon return to collect his share of the crops.

Uncle Sam set aside a portion of his harvest ready for the landowner but the foolish tenant, Charley, had nothing to give.

He run quickly to the Great Achiever of Ogyakrom saying, ‘Great Achiever, he that stands head and shoulders above these non-achievers of Ogyakrom, command Cedi to flourish like Dollar.’

The non-achievers of Ogyakrom expected the Great Achiever to admonish Charley for his lazy and foolish ways; that he will tell Charley to go back and work hard on his vineyard and to seek the help of men skilled in the art of building vineyards. But Great Achiever stunned the people of Ogyakrom. Like a commander ordering troops under his charge, he proclaimed, ‘I command the Cedi to rise.’ But many full moons passed and the Cedi still refused to rise.

Now, fearing disgrace, Charley run to the friends of Uncle Sam, begging for help. They had pity on him and agreed to help.

Seeing that help was on the way for Cedi, the Great Achiever spoke claiming credit. ‘My prophesy is manifesting,’ he claimed.

The people of Ogyakrom were greatly disturbed by this claim, so they spoke out saying, ‘Great Achiever, did you command Cedi to rise or you prophesied that the Cedi shall rise? For these are two very different statements.’

So the dwarfs ended the parable and turned to the people saying; ‘Shine your eye people. Pray for rain all you like, but dig a well as you do it.’

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