Tigo applies to trademark ‘Drop That Yam’ and threatens to sue political parties for unauthorised use

Tigo Ghana has applied to trademark the phrase ‘Drop That Yam’ and threatened to take legal action against the three main political parties for unauthorised usage.

The phrase, culled from the telecommunication company’s latest TV advert has recently become a mantra for activists of the ruling National Democratic Congress, opposition New Patriotic Party and the Convention People’s Party. Tigo’s attempt to trademark the phrase comes in the wake of an ongoing tussle between Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei and telecoms company Glo concerning the use of the word ‘kpakpakpa.’

A source at Tigo said the company is displeased with the growing use of the phrase in political campaigns and accused political parties of hijacking a non-political TV advert for political gains. ‘Politicians, as usual are quick to reap where they haven’t sown. Let them show some originality. Let each party come up with a catchy phrase for their political campaigns.’

The phrase, ‘drop that yam,’ which is associated with Tigo Ghana has inadvertently become a political stick with which political parties routinely batter each other. The NPP has described the performance of the ruling NDC as abysmal, characterised by the worsening dumsor situation and has therefore called on voters to ‘drop that yam.’

The ruling NDC on the other hand, has described the presidential candidate of the NPP as too old and unfit for the job and therefore called on Ghanaians to ‘drop that yam.’

Nkrumah’s CPP has weighed into the tussle, arguing that the leaders of the other two parties are visionless, hence Ghanaians should ‘drop that yam.’

If the trademark application is approved, then the political parties will have to ‘drop that yam’ and come up with some original slogans to capture votes.

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