Trotro mates could face on-the-spot deodorising

Henry Ford once said, “it is the customer who pays the wages.” Any business leader will undoubtedly appreciate the power of the customer, well unless you are the head of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), who only appreciates the power of the ON and OFF switch.

Following the recent increases in fuel prices which triggered an upward review of transport fares, commuters have expressed widespread resentment towards government and transport owners and operators. With the high fares, commuters are demanding better value for money. Fortunately, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is nothing like the ECG. The union has responded to customer complains with a ground breaking campaign to help make trotro journeys more comfortable, giving commuters better value for money.

The GPRTU has, in collaboration with the Police Motor Traffic Transport Unit (MTTU) and the manufacturers of Men Only Deodorant, launched a campaign to tackle the issue of malodorous trotro mates. The campaign dubbed “Fresh Mate Chupa Chops” will aim to make trotro journeys more comfortable by eliminating the trotro mates who ruin, otherwise pleasant trotro journeys, with their distinct whiff. Speaking at the launch, the head of GPRTU stated, “we will call a spade a spade and a smelly armpit a smelly armpit. A trotro journey isn’t a bad experience at all but throw in a smelly mate and the whole experience is ruined. We believe commuters deserve a better service and we will ensure they get exactly that.”

Under this new campaign, the Police Motor Traffic Transport Unit (MTTU), who usually spend their working hours directing vehicular traffic in places where traffic lights are functioning perfectly well, will be reassigned the task of conducting on-the-spot checks for deodorised armpits. The MTTU will be equipped with a deodolyser, a special device that measures body odour. Trotro mates with readings above 5.00 will be detained and issued with on-the-spot deodorising. This will be squirts of Mates Only Deodorant, an industrial strength deodorant spray from the manufacturers of Men Only Deodorant.

The GPRTU revealed the campaign will be piloted in the Accra and Kumasi before being rolled out to other major towns in the country.

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