Utility bills to clearly state how customers are being exploited- PURC

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced new regulations that will force the water and electricity providers to clearly explain how their customers are being swindled.

According to the PURC, the new water and electricity bills “will give customers a detailed break down of charges as well as ensure all charges are labelled with their proper names.” Under this new billing system, properly labelled charges on a bill from the Electricity Company of Ghana will include: Street Lights That Never Work Charge, Chobo For Manager Charge and You Always Sleep In Darkness But We’re Still Going To Charge You Charge. A bill from the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) will also include charges like: You Opened Your Taps But All You Had Was The Sound Of Air Charge, Manager’s Fuel Money Charge and We Just Want To Piss You Off Charge.

Members of the general public have welcomed the new billing system. Many described it as “a very good tool to help Ghanaians understand why their utility bills are going through the roof” even though they receive very little or no supply of water and electricity. Many admitted they are still trying to wrap their head around the recent hikes in electricity and water tariffs by 51.73% and 15% respectively.

A spokesman for the PURC added that the new water and electricity bills will also include a chart “showing what percentage of your bill ends up in some big man’s pocket and what goes into the repair and maintenance of ECG and GWCL equipments.


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