WAEC officials score F in Moral and Competence exams 

Officials of the subregional body in charge of examinations in Ghana have recorded an epic fail in a Moral and Competence examination. 

The examiners were themselves tested in a series of real life scenarios which were used to grade their morality and competence levels. Surprisingly, every single official of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) scored an embarrassing F- the lowest grade possible. In one scenario which aimed to test their morals, WAEC officials were handed confidential BECE examination papers. 100 percent of the officials scored an F for selling the questions to students for varying amounts of money. 

A concerned parent who saw the examination results said “the results revealed a shocking lack of morals and an equally shocking low level of competence.” The father of two said it is “utterly disgusting that those in charge of our children’s examinations can be so incompetent, dishonest and disreputable.”

The government of Ghana has also  issued a statement describing the results as “unacceptable” and promised to set up a committee to investigate the reasons for the poor performance. 

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