‘We’re acquiring emergency power barges from Kweku Ananse not Karpower’- Ministry of Power

The Ministry of Power says the contract to acquire two emergency power barges was signed with “Kweku Ananse and not Karpower” as originally announced. 

In a statement aimed at restoring public trust, the Ministry of Power said: “We have an Ananse story for all Ghanaians- the two emergency power barges will be delivered in September by our own Kweku Ananse. We would therefore urge you to forget that we promised to deliver the emergency barges in April.”

The statement from the Ministry comes in the wake of a huge public furore after an executive of Karpower recently revealed that the Turkish company neither builds emergency power ships nor promised an April delivery date.

The Ministry further assured the public of a twist in the Ananse tale before the September deadline. “This is an Ananse story. You can expect an unexpected twist because we make the story up as we go along.” 

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